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Why Coldwell Banker®?

Watch a brief introduction to the Coldwell Banker brand and get inspired to leave your mark on the world of real estate.

The Home of Highly Successful, Incredibly Satisfied Agents

Nobody beats the Coldwell Banker brand when it comes to agent satisfaction with their real estate company1. It sounds simple, but it’s the truth – what matters to you matters to us. Every Coldwell Banker service is the product of diligent research and incredible responsiveness to the needs of our affiliated agents and brokers. It's no wonder why Coldwell Banker also ranks #1 when it comes to agent loyalty2.

Research has shown that agents affiliated with the Coldwell Banker brand are the least likely to switch brands. This commitment to serving our network truly results in your success. And it’s clear to see:


Our learning resources are second to none. Affiliated agents who participate in CBU® Learning courses report significantly more listings earned, sell up to two-times more units, and have an up to 50% more closed sales volume than those who don’t.

Brand Power

We have empowered our network to transact over $335 billion yearly in sales volume4.


Coldwell Banker properties average a 20.7% higher sales price than the NAR average5.


In communities all over the world, Coldwell Banker yard signs command their markets and affiliated agents lead standout careers.


1.Coldwell Banker® / Quester® Real Estate Agent Research, February 2022. 2.Coldwell Banker® / Quester® Real Estate Agent Research, February 2022. Least likely to change brand affiliation. 3.Listings earned, units closed and sales volume of affiliated agents who have attended CBU® Learning Center compared to affiliated agents who have not.  4.Year-end Coldwell Banker Numbers Based on Coldwell Banker Financial Data as of 12/31/2021 5.$444,662 (20% higher average sales price for the Coldwell Banker® network than the 2021 National Association of REALTORS® Average Sales Price of $368,400).

Discover How We Empower You to Succeed in Business and in Life

At Coldwell Banker Lenhart Properties, the most important part of our business is our affiliated agents and brokers. In fact, our #1 priority is helping you live an exceptional life. How do we do it? By keeping our most unique and effective offerings sharply focused on the things that drive agent success.

The Coldwell Banker brand is home to affiliated agents and brokers with drive and vision, talent, and compassion. They work every day to redefine the standards of what it means to serve their clients and guide them to the homes of their dreams. They create successful and fulfilling lives for themselves and their families with the strength and support of the Coldwell Banker brand. That’s the power of the Coldwell Banker Way.

It’s our highest honor to provide our affiliated agents and brokers the resources they use to achieve their most ambitious goals; tools and programs that grow and strengthen their businesses; a culture of success and positivity that empowers and unites; and a commitment to industry leadership that has remained steadfast for well over a century.

Production Power

We help affiliated agents sell more homes, make more money and work more efficiently.

Coaching to Confidence

We enable affiliated agents to expand their sales and business development through effective education, coaching and support.

Wealth Builder

We offer real financial strategies that affiliated agents can use to grow and protect their personal wealth, now and into the future. We believe your best years are ahead of you.

Culture of Awesomeness

We provide a diverse environment that is collaborative, supportive and fun. We are a company that inspires pride.

Take the first steps toward living an exceptional life. We would love to speak with you.